Factory Vision

Factory Vision is a company with two distinct directions and one overarching ambition. First and foremost it provides the very best technical support to its sister company Factory Settings. Servicing detailed technical packages for temporary and permanent museum and gallery installations. Secondly, Factory Vision looks to take that technical knowledge and offer those skills for standalone technical installations acquired independently of Factory Settings. Finally, across both of these directions, Factory Vision’s ambition is to use its technical creativity and experience to explore and develop new and emerging technologies. Technologies that can be used to enhance and improve offerings across not only the museum and gallery industry but many other display-related industries.

The technology used within these industries is amongst the most exciting, creative and fast-paced being developed commercially at the moment. The likes of LED lighting and screen technology together with holographic projection and advances in Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality as well as Artificial Intelligence are all having a powerful impact on the way information is presented.

Factory Vision has been set up by the Directors of Factory Settings Ltd, a scenic construction company that has its roots in theatre and live events. The directors felt that their technical, theatrical and corporate background, together with their specific knowledge of the museum industry, was an ideal combination of skills. Adding a new creative and technological dimension to the challenges faced when engaging with an increasingly tech-savvy audience.

Exhibiting even the very driest of subject matter needs to excite and engage its audience; to inform, entertain and educate. It is with this simple remit that Factory Vision seeks to set itself apart from other creative technical installation businesses.

Factory Vision’s ambitions are to use some or all of these technologies to help differentiate themselves from their competitors and to make sure they are always on the cutting edge of creative technical innovation.