About Factory Settings

We design, fabricate and install exhibitions, theatre sets and experiential environments for some of the UK's leading heritage, artistic and cultural institutions

Factory Settings Ltd.
Unit 10
Orient Industrial Park
Simonds Road
London E10 7DE

+44 (0)20 8988 1418

enquiries@factorysettings.co.uk recruitment@factorysettings.co.uk


We started the company because we love design and making, and because we love a challenge. It was clear to us from the start that we wanted our people to be outstanding in their fields, and also a pleasure to work with. We love our work and we are crazy about the projects, but life is about people, and it is hugely rewarding to work with the team we have built.


We are more than the sum of our parts. Our comprehensively equipped workshop, and our in-house specialists in wood, metal, sculpture, and finishing, are just part of the story. Our project management team, and our draughting and design staff are the key to our ability to manifest outstanding experiences from demanding briefs and ambitious designs.


We will look at any project timeline, but earlier in the project is always better (see Won't).


We love finding great ways to bring concepts and designs to life. We get a huge amount of satisfaction in finding an elegant solution to a design problem, coming up with the most efficient way to build a structure, or inventing a way to do something that surprises people. It feeds the soul. It is what inspired us when we started, and it continues to inspire us today.


What won't we do? We won't take on more work than we can produce with excellence. So if our schedule is full, we won't take on more work. We recommend talking to us early. We are always happy to discuss projects at any stage, and once your project is confirmed with us, you know we won't risk it by overbooking. After all, that is no fun for anyone.